Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated

Bagi pengemar GPRS mungkinpernah mengalami masalah seperti ini. Seperti saya juga sempat pusing sama error ini, tapi untunglah ada uncle Google, terus ketemu solusinya berikut ini :

I just now managed to connect to Vodacom using my K800i. Hopefully I will be able to help. First of all, make sure you did the stuff suggested by V3G. Good luck getting the GPRS settings from 155, they didn’t have it on their system when I phoned a week or so ago. They said they will send the settings for the K750i, but it never arrived. Requested the settings on vodacom4me, same story.

Any case, let me tell you what I did. I installed the software that came with the phone on my desktop machine with the phone connected with USB and ran the Networking Wizard. I selected a new Packet Switched connection and used the manual mode to specify internet as the APN and I left the user/pwd blank. Once the connection was created, I just clicked connect and I was connected.

This was very quick and easy on the desktop, the trick came in when I moved the phone to my laptop and connected with infrared. I didn’t load the software on the laptop, only inserted the CD when prompted for the drivers of the infrared modem. Then I created the connection with the same settings I was used to. (Phone no: *99***1#, initialization string: AT+CGDCONT=1,”IP”,”internet”). Couldn’t connect, so I removed the init string and connected successfully. I got an IP address but could browse anywhere. Tried all kind of different settings but couldn’t get it to work. I then found a new data account named “PS Account 4” (PS = Packed Switched) under Settings…Connectivity…Data communications…Data accounts which was created by the wizard I ran on the desktop. This account has an external ID of 4, so that reminded me that the 1 in the init string and in the phone number (*99***1#) refers to the profile ID on the phone. I checked the phone number used on the desktop which was *99***4#, used that on the laptop and now I am typing this message. Seems like the 1 in *99***1# was using the Vlive! APN on the phone, that’s why I got an IP but couldn’t browse. When I inserted the init string the APN specified in it clashed with the Vlive! APN (ID 1), which is probably why it couldn’t connect. But it is in any case not necessary to supply the init string in this scenario because the APN is stored with the data account on the phone.

Sorry for the long post but I’m sure you will find something in there that will help you. Just check the data accounts on your phone, you can create it yourself if you don’t want to use the wizard, or just use the Internet APN if it’s already there. Use the external ID of the account in the phone number (*99***?#) and it should work.

Settingan di PC ada di modem properties – advanced, isi Extra setting spt tsb diatas. misal untuk XL isi aja : +CGDCONT=1,”IP”,””,””,1,1

Smoga bermanfaat-Selamat Ber”GPRS”


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